Logic Pro Refills

Are you looking for cheap Logic Pro Refills?

Logic Pro E-Liquid Capsules are one of the UK's leading vaping products, and has taken the UK by storm with it's simplicity! Logic Pro Refills come in 1 pack size of 3 refill capsules for £3.99 rrp. Here at Cheapasmokes, we guarantee are prices to be low and also are P&P to be some if not the lowest in the UK! Don't be ripped off with over inflated postage and packing prices, we've even seen some charge over £4.00 to post some Logic Pro Refills in the UK!

Are you looking for Logic Pro Refills in Tobacco flavour? Possibly a menthol vapour or Vanilla? Here at Cheapasmokes we stock the full range of Logic Pro Refills in every flavour and every strength, from 6mg to 18mg. 

Here's a rundown of what is available in Logic Pro Refills!

Tobacco 6mg, 12mg & 18mg - Menthol 6mg & 12mg - Red Cherry 6mg & 12mg - Berry Mint 6mg & 12mg - Vanilla 6mg - Strawberry 6mg & 12mg 

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Logic pro refills