Pedigree Schmackos Adult Dog Treats Mixed Variery 12 Sticks 86g

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Lip-smacking tender Schmackos dog strips are available in a variety of flavours your dog will adore; an ideal dog treat for training

Complementary pet food for adult dogs. Dogs love mouth-watering flavours soft and scrumptious Pedigree Schmackos Strips are dog sticks that are full of delicious flavour and dogs adore them. Feed the dog treats whole or tear into smaller pieces, either way you'll be treating your dog with the thing they like best. Schmackos dog chews have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, and contain no artificial colours or flavours, so you can feel as good about them as your dog does! With Beef, Lamb and Poultry. By living life to the full, dogs help us enjoy the simple joys of everyday life. The dog treats we feed our canine friends, as a reward, to bond, train or just play, are the little ways we celebrate the joy they bring to us.

Schmackos strips contain Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamins to help their natural defences and minerals including calcium for strong bones. Part of the Pedigree treats for dogs range. Delicious Schmackos dog treats for training contain no artificial colours or flavours, so you can feel good about them when rewarding your canine friend with Schmackos strips.

Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives (Total 40%), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Minerals, Various Sugars, Oils and Fats

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