Craven Ready Rubbed 25gm

Size: 1 Packet


Craven Ready Rubbed 25gm, is blend of Virginia Latakia and Turkish tobaccos, giving an all time classic medium strength smoke. Craven Ready Rubbed tobacco has gone through a new design face and re-branding in 2017, but don't let that fool you. On the inside is still the Craven Ready Rubbed tobacco you love! This classic pipe tobacco is enjoyed today around the world by many smokers. It's easy to smoke, medium strength tobacco will continue to be a favourite for many years to come, we are confident in that!

This pre packed 25gm of Craven Green Ready Rubbed is as the name suggests, ready rubbed. It's ready for immediate use making it a great convenient pipe tobacco.

  • 25gm Pre Packed Sealed Pouch
  • Medium Strength
  • Quality Craven Ready Rubbed Brand
  • Ready Rubbed Virginia/Turkish Tobacco

    Strictly over 18's only

    You will be asked at the checkout to verify you are over the age of 18.

    Cheapasmokes only sells genuine Craven Ready Rubbed 25gm pouches.

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