Condor Ready Rubbed Tobacco 25gm

Size: 1 Packet


Condor Ready Rubbed 25gm, is a cool slow burning ready rubbed pipe tobacco with a strong full bodied flavour with notes of floral essences and alcohol. Condor Ready Rubbed Tobacco a UK favourite is one of the best selling and best known ready rubbed tobaccos in the UK. In recent times, Condor Ready Rubbed Tobacco has been delisted by many supermarkets, so now your only chance to buy this tobacco is from your local tobacconist. Full bodied, air cured Virginia flavoured with a secret blend of liquor and presented in a 50gm pouch. If you like Condor and are looking to try something new, Gawith Hoggarth has a range of pipe tobaccos which you may enjoy, have a look here.

  • Quality brand
  • Strong, full bodied flavour
  • Ready Rubbed Virginia tobacco
  • Genuine Condor Ready Rubbed Tobacco

    Strictly over 18's only

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    At Cheapasmokes we only sell genuine Condor Ready Rubbed Tobacco.

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