Logic Compact Device For £1.00!

This month at Cheapasmokes we have the Logic Compact Device on sale for just £1.00! The Logic Compact device is one of the UK's best selling and most popular closed tank vape devices. Known for its high quality and simplicity, the Compact Device is so easy to use.

The Logic Compact Pods simply click into place, and with several flavours to choose from, you will certainly find a flavour you like. This device is an upgrade from the also very popular Logic Pro, which is a little bit more 'old fashioned' dare we say, but still a fantastic piece of kit. 

Logic Compact Device For £1.00

Logic Compact pods simply click into place using magnets, and with a fast charging battery and pretty decent battery life, you can be sure of a vape that is going to be great to take anywhere, travelling, cars journeys, long walks. We have the most popular flavours available here at Cheapasmokes, and with 'Intense Polar Menthol' now in the shop, you have 3 mint/menthol choices, great for those missing menthol cigarettes or hand rolling tobacco!

So, why not take a look at the Logic Compact Device which as I mentioned is only £1.00 this month (Oct 2020), but it might stay at this low price for a while, who knows?!

Shop now and check out the range of Compact devices and flavour pods here: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/logic-compact


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